Huge thanks to everyone that attended the 2014 Mansun Convention in Chester on Saturday. The event was a complete success due to the hard work of convention organiser Andy Lyth, the convention staff and all the contributors.

The day kicked off with Wide Open Mic which was hosted by Roger Rowley where Mansun fans had the chance to perform their own interpretations of their favourite Mansun songs.

This was followed by the Charity Auction in aid of Clic Sargent, a very worthy charity which supports children with cancer. The lots sold for vast amounts, with the jewel in the crown being Paul’s Six silver disc which sold for an astonishing £700!

In the video and merchandise room, The Apartment, we had previously unseen Mansun footage playing with highlights including Chad performing his own version of Taxloss but renamed as Pie Shop and the lyrics included such gems as “eating steak and kidney” and “pies being very tasty with gravy”. We also saw Mansun in Ramsey Street and singing the Neighbours theme tune as well as live footage including Paul filming from the stage at one of Mansun’s most raucous early gigs.

Upstairs from 2-7pm was Draper’s Loft, an array of Mansun memorabilia including 100 previously unpublished photos of the band, Mansun’s classic guitars and various outfits including Chad’s pink frilly shirt and Paul’s suit as worn in the She Makes My Nose Bleed video.




There were various guest speaker panels throughout the day, ably conducted by Paul Lester. The first panel of the day consisted of the original Dark Mavis, Mark Davis and Paul Hollis talking about the band’s early years. Legendary engineer Ronnie Stone was then on hand to give people a fascinating glimpse into the recording of Mansun’s debut album Attack of the Grey Lantern. He chatted at length about the recording sessions for the album and played exclusive outtakes of a handful of tracks. This was followed by Maxi Browne from King Adora chatting about his time on the road with the Mansun. The final panel consisted of The Anchoress aka Catherine Anne Davies, journalist Martin Leay and Matt Davey who designed the artwork for Kleptomania and Legacy: The Best of Mansun.

The final panel introduced Paul Draper’s first solo track in 10 years which was exclusively put together for the convention. The track, entitled Feeling My Heart Run Slow, received huge applause from the audience who had been waiting anxiously to hear the new track. Watch the fan video below to listen to the amazing track.



The rest of the evening was dedicated to three tribute acts: Emma Divine, Mansunesque and Taxloss Lovers who were all embraced by the crowd that were loving every minute of their sets. The finale of the evening was Taxloss Lovers having a group of fans throwing Taxloss fivers from the balcony onto the crowd below to recreate the famous Taxloss video.

It was a fantastic day to see everyone making new friends and meeting old friends they hadn’t seen since their last Mansun gig. We hope you enjoyed the day and if you’d like to see more photos and to discuss the event, just join up to the Mansun’s Only Love Song Facebook group here. DM x

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It’s exactly one week until the long-awaited 2014 Mansun Convention. It takes place at Chester’s The Live Rooms on Saturday 23rd August and promises to be a very special and memorable event. The day’s full itinerary can be found here. The day starts at 2pm and runs through until 2am. There are now only a handful of tickets available and can be purchased via SeeTickets. To whet your appetite, here’s a short clip of some of the footage which will be shown exclusively on the day.


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Coming to the convention? Here’s your chance to become part of the iconic album artwork for Mansun’s ‘Six‘. This life-size set-piece has been lovingly created by convention organiser Andy Lyth (pictured) and will be free for everyone to use so bring your cameras! The last few remaining tickets for the convention are available at SeeTickets. Don’t miss out!



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