We are proud to announce Mansun’s first official book in conjunction with This Day In Music Books.
The special project will feature exclusive interviews with the band, looking back on their 25 year history as one of the UK’s foremost acts, as well as unseen photography, collectables and ephemera from the band’s own personal archives.
As with everything to do with Mansun, the band want their unbelievably loyal fanbase to be right at the heart of their journey back through the years.
Mansun would like you, the fans, to contribute to their first official book, sharing your own personal recollections of the band.
It could be a memory of watching them live over the years, chronicling the experience of the thrill of seeing one of the best acts in the business. Or it could be about the songs that are forever tethered to a time and place in your life, the track you fell in love to, the album that soundtracked a period of your life, the songs from a band which have a special place in your heart, the conventions you attended, whatever the reason.
Were you there in the beginning? Or did you fall for their songs and the unique live experience on their remarkable journey over the years? Mansun would love for you to contribute your own personal memories; would you participate in our project? This book will chronicle the exceptional reciprocal relationship between one of the country’s best-loved bands, and their fans.
If you would like to be part of this project, please send your story to mansunbook@gmail.com. Feel free to send any photographs of you with the band, or images of ticket stubs, merchandise etc with your submission.
Thank you!