‘Omega Man’ is Paul Draper’s collaboration with acclaimed songwriter and producer Steven Wilson and was written and recorded remotely by Paul and Steven during the Covid 19 lockdown without ever meeting, which is conveyed in the accompanying video.

They exchanged ideas, lyrics and music from their home studios to articulate what they were experiencing as a piece of music. The song’s lyrics reflect the isolation and fears of lockdown, with Paul singing about his fear of losing a loved one without being able to see them before they are gone.

With both Paul and Steven feeling the lockdown experience was like being in the film The Omega Man, the post-apocalyptic 1971 film based on Richard Matheson’s 1954 book I Am Legend, the title of the song was born.

The accompanying video captures this desolation. Filmed and set in the Chernobyl exclusion zone in Ukraine, video director George Laycock (Blacktide Phonic/Visual) and Paul wanted a suitable location to convey and illustrate the lyrics and meaning of the song.

The city of Pripyat where the video was filmed, was evacuated the day after the Chernobyl disaster, and is abandoned to this day.

All the footage had to be cleared by the Ukranian military, especially as the end scenes were filmed next to a nuclear missile early warning radar detector, which was abandoned after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

‘Omega Man’ is taken from the forthcoming album Cult Leader Tactics.  A satire on the genre of self-help manuals, it details how to get to the top of your chosen profession, or how to get on in life in general and in affairs of the heart, by acting in a Machiavellian manner and employing dirty tricks or ‘Cult Leader Tactics’ to achieve your life goals. After experiencing these types of human behaviour and themes, the album arrives at the conclusion the only true answer in life is love. Pre-order HERE .